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本文摘要:Unit 1 Lesson 1 / The first lesson1. have fun doing sth. have fun learning and speaking English2. this term / month / year / week / Monday / morning / time / holidaythis Monday morning / this evening = tonight / today3. that week / year /


Unit 1 Lesson 1 / The first lesson1. have fun doing sth. have fun learning and speaking English2. this term / month / year / week / Monday / morning / time / holidaythis Monday morning / this evening = tonight / today3. that week / year / morning /day / month / Monday / time4. last term / month / year / week / Monday / Monday morning /timeyesterday / yesterday morning / afternoon / yesterday evening = last night5. next term / month / time / year / week / Tuesday / Tuesday morning /tomorrow / tomorrow morning / afternoon / evening / next holiday9.It doesn’t matter. / That’s all right. / That’s OK. / Not at all.10.Please be on time. / Please don’t be late.11.Here is a card for you with our best wishes.12.Best wishes to you for Teachers’ Day.13.Thank you for making English fun. (WB p71 3.)14.Today is Thursday, September 10th.15.Women’s Day / Children’s Day / New Year’s Day / Mid-autumn Day / May day /Youth Day National Day / Christmas Day / Spring Festival Lesson 2 / The second lesson1. He wants me to give a talk in class tomorrow.2. Talk about the difference between Chinese and English. Chinese is (quite) different from English.3. To many people, the meaning of a name is important.4. Jim is short for James. / People call James Jim for short.5. 1) Jim Allen Green = full name first name second name last name given name given name family name middle name surname We call him Jim / Mr James. 2) Zhou Jianguo = full name first name last name family name given name We call him Mr Zhou.6. People don’t use Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss before their first names. Lesson 3 The third lesson 1. I’m not sure / I don’t know / I’ve ( have ) no idea2. You know a lot about English names. – Only a little. Lesson 4 The fourth lesson1. Can you help to clean the house?4.Why don’t you make him a card / make a card for him?6.give / take / write / pass a card to him = him a card make / buy / get / draw a card for him = him a card7.I’m going to buy something for Mr Wu / Buy Mr Wu something.8.Wish her a happy Teachers’ Day.6. It means a waste of time.7. with a laugh / with a smile8. try to find a Chinese nameUnit 2Lesson 5 The fifth lesson1. We are going on our first field trip to study about our hometown.2.Let’s discuss it. / Let’s talk about it.3.We must stay near our hometown. stay at home / stay here / stay there / stay in Beijing4.of course / sure / certainly3. I’m good at fishing.4. Let’s discuss how we are going to get there. = Let’s discuss how to get there.5. the day after tomorrow / the day before yesterday6. go on a picnic / have a picnic7. have / take /make / go on a field tripLesson 6 The sixth lesson1. The students of Class 4, Grade2 are going hiking on their field trip.2. They are going to hike to the top of a mountain.3. They have some problems (in) getting there. have problems in doing sth.4. go the wrong way5. Ed trips over his shoes.6. Is Mr Li going to get his class to the top?11. sleep well.12.Hurry up. = Be quick.13.I must tie my shoes.14.have a rest15.Am I hiking the wrong way? Lesson 7 The seventh lesson1. I want to be the first one to the top of the mountain.5.It’s going to be more fun.6.It takes (sb.) some time to do sth. It takes too long to go this way. It takes me an hour to finish the work. Lesson 8 (The eighth lesson)2、They want to take some fruit with them.5、They are talking about their coming field trip.8、It’s not far from Xi’an / it’s near Xi’an. Lesson 9 (The ninth lesson)1、 Are you free tomorrow evening? Do you have time?2、(on) Mid-autumn Day / Festival3、We usually eat a big dinner and mooncakes.5、They are small round cakes with meat,nuts or something sweet inside.6、something important / anything interesting / nothing wrong7、I like the sweet ones.10、Would you and Lily like to come over to my house for supper. Lesson 10 (The tenth lesson) 3、You want to know more about China.4、Tomorrow is going to be the Mid-autumn Festival.5、It’s like our thanksgiving.6、Families get together.7、in September / on September 10th in the morning / aftermoon / evening on Monday / on Monday morning. in the day / daytime 反 at night / in the night in the middle of the day / at noon on+节日. On children’s Day. in autumn / winter / spring / summer in a week / month /year on her birthday8、On that day families eat a big dinner like we do.10、in the open air12、Thanks / Thank you for asking / having me13、Are you hungry / full? A little14、May I have a taste?15、Would you like another one?17、What does yours have inside? Mine has an egg inside.18、The ones with nuts are the nicest of all.19、I can’t eat any more (longer) /I can no longer (more) eat. Lesson 11 (The eleventh lesson) 1、 He is the best of all / of us all / of the three.2、He is the tallest of all in our class.3、You are taller than me /I.4、What do you want to buy that for?To make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Lesson 12 (The twelfth lesson) 1、 Why do you call it dinner when we are eating at noon?2、 Because it’s a big meal.3、 It’s much bigger than a chicken.4、 Why do America and Canada Celebrate Thanksgiving?5、 Families get together to Celebrate the harvest.6、 We each have an autumn Festival.=Each of us has autumn Festival.10、He is a little older than Harry.11、The weather in Beijing is colder than that in Fuzhou.Unit 4Lesson 13 (The thirteenth lesson) 1、 Wait for a bus / me.2、 I must feed the animals.5. I live on a farm.6、I live in Fuzhou .8、My job is to feed the animals .12、The tractor is going fast/faster/ (the) fastest .13、He is walking slowly (slow) /more slowly (slower) /the most slowly (the slowest) . Lesson 14 (The fourteenth lesson) 3、What grows on a farm / in a field ?4、grow rice and wheat5、They don’t use animals to do farm work any more .6、The tractor works better and faster .7、The country is more beautiful than the city .10、 He agrees with me .13、John likes the country better than the city .14、Which do you like better , the country or the city ?15、Which do you like best , dogs , cats or chickens ? I like dog best .17、He likes to play with his dog .18、follow people / go after people Lesson 15 (The fifteenth lesson) 1、Which goes more quickly (quicker ) / the most quickly ( the quickest ) ?5、living in town is more interesting than living in the country6、The lights at night are more beautiful than the stars .7、Often Katy reads until late at night .8、Stay here until eleven / until your mother comes back .11、Running in the country is the most exciting thing to do . Lesson 16 (The sixteenth lesson) 3、What are you going to do after you leave school /after leaving school ?4、go to college / in college5、on the farm / in the field (s)6、Don’t you want to be a farmer ? Yes , I do.11、The dumplings are much / a little more delicious than noodles .12、He is the tallest boy in his class . = He is taller than any other boy in his class . Unit 5 Lesson 17 ( The seventh lesson )1、May=Can=Could I speak to David , please?2、I’d like to speak to David.3、Hello , is David in ?4、Is that David speaking ? Speaking .5、This is Liu Tao speaking .6、Who’s that / it ? Who’s that / it speaking ?7、What’s up ? / What’s wrong? / What’s the matter (with sb.) ?8、Nothing much .9、Do you have any ideas ? / Good idea ! / That’s a good idea .11、Let’s meet outside the zoo gate.12、Why not meet a little earlier ?13、Let’s make it half past nine .14、No problem .建议 1.Shall we go for a walk? 2.Let’s go for a walk, shall we?/OK?/all right? 3.Let’s go for a walk. 4.What/How about going for a walk? 5.Why not go for a walk? Why don’t we go for a walk? 6.Would you like to go for a walk? 7.We had better go for a walk. 8.What do you think of going for a walk?Lesson 18 the eighteenth lesson 3.That is why they have to stay in cages. 4.I don’t think it is good for animals to stay in cages. 5.They should be free. 6.The animals in cages can’t be happy. 9.Walk round and round. 11.be tired 12.I feel/am sorry for them. 15.They are very friendly to people. 16.If you fall into the water, they may come up to help you.Lesson 19 the nineteenth lesson 1.Go to the cinema /see a film. 4.I must finish (doing) that first. 5.Work must come first.Lesson 20 the twentieth lesson 1.Say ”Hello” to sb./thanks /sorry/goodbye/yes/no. 3.A baby/mother monkey. 4.It says “Don’t feed the monkeys”. 5.It’s early / late for the dolphin show.8.The city is about two kilometers (away) from our school.10.My home is far (away) from my school.11.How far is the city?14.have a good/nice time. U6 Lesson 21 The twenty-first lesson 4.It’s over there on the right/left5.Thank you all the same.6.next to/beside在……旁边7.in front of the school /behind the school在学校前面/在学校后面8.in/at the front of the school/at the back of school.在学校的前部/在学校的后部9.in the front row/in the back row.在前排/在后排10.in the first row = in Row One = in Row 1在第一排11.On the wall/on the front /back wall在墙上 在前/后墙上12.On the left /right (side)在左边/在右边13.On my right/left (side)(hand side)在我的左边/在我的右边14.On the left/right(side) of the museum在博物馆的左/右边 15.in my left/right hand.在我的左/右手里16in the middle(of the classroom)在(课堂的)中间17.between A and B在A和B之间18.outside/inside the gate在门外(内) L224、He needs some help.5、He needs to find a watch shop .6、 He is asking a policewoman for help 7、 Let ask for a cup of tea .8、Excuse me . Can you tell me the way to the police station?9丄Can you tell me how I can get to the station ?10丄Can you tell me how to get to the station ? 11丄Excuse me .Which is the way to the police station?12丄Where’s the police station ?13丄How can I get to the police station ?14丄Is there a police station near here ?15丄 Walk /Go along /down this road/ street / river16丄It’s about two hundred metres along on the right.17丄Take the first /second /third turning on the right.18丄=Turn right at the first /second/third turning.19 It’s about three kilometers away (from here)20丄It’s far from here /It’ near here.21丄It’s about five minutes’ walk /ride /drive from here.22丄You’d better not catch /take a bus .23丄Which bus do I need?24丄I think you need a number /No.6BUS25丄The bus stop is along that road ,on the right.26丄Walk on and you’ll find /see it.27丄Take a No.10 bus on the right and get off at the first stop.L23 3、They put /keep their eyes behind their backs4、Pass the coin from one student to another.6、Keep their eyes closed /open.. 7丄Keep him in bed. 8丄Keep the room clean. 9丄Keep me running /standing.10丄All (of) the six students do as the teacher says.11丄at this/ that moment.12丄Tell them to open their eyes.13丄They can have only three guesses. =They can guess only three times. L24 1丄Are you good at reading maps?2丄Stand at A3丄You’d (had) better ask that policeman.4丄He find it(is) very hard to travel around the big city. 5丄I think /feel it(is) very interesting to study English.10丄Which number do I need?Unit 7L26 1、 Live in a tall building in the city of Toronto.Live on a farm /the fifteenth floor.2、 Use a lift to go up and down.3、 Get into/out of the car/ the liftGet on/off the bus /the train.4、 He catches the No.11 bus to work.5、 Paul /likes doing sports after work.He is on the city basketball team.6、 Why doesn’t he use the lift for the last three floors?L27 5. We play the game with a ball like this.7. Aren’t all balls round? Not in the USA.8. Lesson 281. Let me show you on the map.2. We live in a place called Gum Tree.3. He has a son called Jim / named Jim / with the name of Jim.4. He is (much / a little ) better than me at swimming.5. Maybe he is right. / He may be right.Unit 8 I was not here yesterdayLesson 291. What day is it today? / What day was it yesterday? / What day is it tomorrow? What day is it today? = What day of the week is it today?2. What is the date today? / What was the date yesterday? / What is the date tomorrow?3. be here / be away be ill / be well4. a bit = a little 但:not a bit (一点也不) not a little (很是) = very He is a bit / a little ill. I have a bit of / a little fish.5. I’m sorry to hear that. be sorry to do sth. be sorry for …6. remember / forget to do sth. remember/ forget doing sth.7. had better (not) do sth. = It’s the best to do sth.8. look after = take care of look at look behind look for look like look out look up/down9. keep healthy keep sb. / sth. + adj. / doing sth. Lesson 301. sell sth. to somewhere / sb. buy sth. from somewhere3.discuss sth. with sb.5. the day before yesterday → yesterday → today → tomorrow → the day after tomorrow6. enjoy/ like sth. enjoy/ like doing sth.7. at the same time at times = sometimes some time / some times/ sometime(在某一时候,某一天)/ sometimes Lesson 311. half an hour half a day / week / month / year one and a half days = one day and a half2. a moment ago = just now4. I called you last night, but there was no reply. call sb. / (tele)phone sb. / ring (up) sb. / call up sb. / give sb. a call / give sb. a ring / make telephone calls (to sb.) There was no reply. = There was no answer.5. be out = be not in / be not at home be away6. How do you like it? = What do you think of it? What do you like about it?8. by the way on one’s way to … in one’s way in this way This way, please Lesson 321. much + adj.的比力级 表“水平的增强”2. We have a problem with this computer. = There is something wrong with this computer.3. I think I can put it right. = I think I can mend it.4. do / take some exercise do sport do eyes / morning exercises do some exercises5. have a light breakfast / lunch / supper7. It takes sb. some time to do sth. = sb. spend some time on sth. / in doing sth.8. I think every minute counts.13. have a lot of fun = have a good / great / pleasant time = enjoy oneself14. plan my work very carefully plan to do my work16. keep a diary to help me remember thingsUnit 9 The memory robot Lesson 331. go on / start/ come a trip to somewhere2. pack sth. be packed with … = be full of … = be filled with…3. ask sb. for help / ask sb. to do sth.4. wear (注重穿状态) put on (注重穿的行动) She is wearing a beautiful dress tonight. Take off your dirty pants and put one a new one.6. begin / start / like / love / hate doing sth. ( to do sth.) keep / finish / enjoy doing sth. 9. on August 18, 1980 on August 18 on Sunday / Sundays on Saturday evening / holidays / Children’s day / a cold day last month / a December night in May … / spring … / the morning … at 9:00 / school / home / the cinema Lesson 341. sb. has a good / bad memory = sb.’s memory is good / bad .2. all the time = always3. It listened to everything he said. It saw everything he did.7. say / speak / talk / tell Lesson 351. was / were born in somewhere on sometime2. How long …? → for three years How often … ? → once a month / twice a month / three times a month How soon … ? → in an hour How old … ? → fourteen years old How far … ? → three kilometers away How much … ? → three yuan / dollars How tall / big / high / nice …?3. leave for somewhere → move to somewhere4. A: “ How is his English?” B: “ It’s great. / It’s so-so. / It’s too bad.”5. at first at last / in the end / finally7. Good luck with your English Lesson 361. English teaching2. a Chinese painting3. be with sb. Unit 10Lesson 371. a rock band2. give/make a concert3. a journalist from CCTV4. visit China/ be on a visit to China5. It’s one’s first visit to China = sb. visit China for the first time= It’s one’s first time to visit China.6. There were four singers in the band last year.(there be 已往时)7. There was a famous band called The Beatles.8. When I was a child, I often listened to their music.9. Most/Most of the Swedish people can speak English. Lesson 381. More than/Over five thousand people were there.2. have an accident3. He was careless. He fell down and broke his leg.4. stop the concert / stop doing sth. / stop to do sth.5. go on doing sth. / go on to do sth./ go on with sth.6. I can’t forget the past.7. at the end / start (beginning) of the concertin the middle of the concert8. be famous for…9. What happened in the middle of the concert?Sth. happen to sb.10. Some people took him to hospital.11. five thousand / hundred peoplethousands / hundreds of people12. have an accident13. be carelessLesson 391. Did you visit any other parts of China?2. I didn’t see many tourists / visitors.3. Train trips are interesting and I wasn’t in a hurry.4. visit another / one more part of ChinaLesson 401. A marry B = A and B get married = A get married to B.She married him for money. He got married in 1987.2. They were called The Beatles.Unit 11Lesson 411. Which is the second month of the year?2. When is spring in China?3. It’s / lasts from March to May.4. 2002.12.20 December the twentieth, two thousand and two /December 20(th), 20025. What day is it today? What is the date today?6. 背诵十二个月的名称. Lesson 421. What’s the weather like? = How is the weather?2. What will the weather be like? = How will the weather be?3. The weather gets warmer, and the days get longer.4. Trees turn green, and flowers start to come out.5. Many people love this time of year, because it’s good for sports.be good for be good at be good to6. It’s harvest time. the rice harvest7. I hear it’s cold all the year round.8. The snow is so light / heavy.Lesson 431. You are from Australia, aren’t you?2. The way you speak.3. You came here at a bad time of year, I’m afraid.4. It’s very different from Australia at this time of year. Lesson 441. In much of China = In many parts of China2. Spring usually comes in March and ends in May.3. Autumn starts in September, and goes on to November.Autumn lasts from September to November.4. The best time to visit China is spring or autumn.5. unlike much of China6. The Australian seasons are the opposite ( to the Chinese seasons).7. That’s true.8. In/on/at表现时间的用法 U12 What’s the weather like?L451. What’s the weather like? 2. It’s cold/hot/dry/wet/cool/warm, 3. It’ll be/get warmer later on 4. It is cloudy/rainy/sunny/windy/snowy/showery/foggy 5. What a cold day! How cold the day is! L461. Xinjiang is in the west of China Japan is to the east of China Zhejiang is on the north of Fujian 2. The fruit here is very sweet because there is a lot of sunshine 3. a weather report 4. Here is a radio report of the weather in spring 5. at times/sometimes 6. There will be a strong wind to the north of the Huai River. 7. The temperature will stay above zero in the daytime. 8. At night it will fall below zero. 9. The high/low temperature will be 9 in the night. 10. (1) There is/was/will be much/ a lot of/ lots of rain, snow, wind There is/was/will be a strong wind/ a heavy rain/ snow (2) The rain/snow is (was, will be) very/quite heavy The wind is very/quite strong (3) It rains(rained, is raining ) heavily hard./ snows (snowed, is snowing heavily/ hard) It blows (blew, is blowing) strongly. (4) The sun is bright The sun shines/ is shining brightly. It’s sunny/fine There is a lot of sunshine. 11. (1) North/South/East China. (2)in the Northeast/Northwest/Southeast/Southwest (3) in/ on/ to the east/west/south/north/northwest of …… L471. What bad weather! How bad the weather is! 2. I don’t like the snow/rain/cold. 3. It will last long Will it last long? Yes, it will. No, it won’t. It won’t last long, will it? 4. The radio says the snow will stop later in the day. 5. The clouds will lift quite quickly. 6. It’s better to do some reading on rainy days. 7. I’m afraid you can’t go roller-skating outside. 8. I can go out to play in the snow. 9. make a snowman/snowmen. 10. Here’s the weather report for some big cities across the world.11. The low temperature tonight will be minus 5. 12. That’s the weather report for today. 13. Happy New Year! The same to you. 14. Happy birthday! Thank you.U13 Come to the party 1. I hope he will/can come. 2. I’m sure he will come. 3. have a (birthday) party. 4. Sure, I’d love to come. 5. Here’s a ticket for you. 6. What time will it start? 7. Hold on. /A (one) moment. /Wait a moment. 8. I’m afraid I may be a little late. 9. I’m afraid she isn’t here right now./ she is out at the moment. 10. Can I take a message for you?/ Can you leave a message with me? 11. give sb the message/give the message to sb 12. I’m very sorry, but I can’t come. 13. I’m sorry to hear that. 14. Call to tell Ann something. 15. How do you think English people celebrate their birthday? 16. Ann felt happy/sad/tired. 17. We are/get ready for school. He is always ready to help us. 18. That’s the doorbell The doorbell is ringing. 19. Can I open it now or later? 20. There is no/not any time (for me) to think.I have no time to think. 21. December 21 was Becky’s fourteenth birthday. 22. a bright red box 23. Her present must be in the box. 24. There was nothing but/only a card in it. 25. think hard 26. look on the back of the card. 27. turn it/them over turn on/off turn up/down turn to Page1 turn red. 28. Becky hurried to the study. Becky went to the study in a hurry/hurriedly. 29. answer the telephone. U14 Mainly revision1. less than/more than a week 2. later than eleven 3. do sport/do two hours of sport 4. be away from school/be not at school. 5. How much fruit and vegetables? 6. (1)频度副词never/ sometimes/ often/ always/次数+时间once/ twice/ three times a week How often every+时间 every day/week He wrote a letter to his mother once a week. How often did he write a letter to his mother? (2) in+一段时间→How soon. He will come back in two weeks. How soon will he come back? (3)(for)+一段时间→How long He was away from school for two weeks. How long was he away from school? (4)其余时间用when/what time. 7. How often were you late for school/ 8. How long were you ill?/ were you away from school? 9. We need some more (meat/dumplings) Two more (apples) A little more/much more (pork) one more/another one one more apple/another apple 10. I’ll have that one/that piece. 11. Here are some everyday English expressions. 12. Could you pass me another piece? 13. Help yourself to some beef! 14. How is everything going? 15. Christmas card. 16. during the Christmas holiday. 17. It’s the end/beginning of the term. 18. winter holiday will soon begin. 19. The Spring Festival will be on February 12th. 20. It’ll be the year of horse. 21. I am working hard on my exams. I am busy with my exams. 22. We’ll have a get-together on the afternoon of January 19th. 23. we’ll put on plays ( a play) . 24. Each of us will bring some food. 25. have a lot of funWe’ll have a good/great time(enjoy ourselves.)26. I don’t like showery days/ the shower. 内容计划:待满足“圈子功效与专栏功效”时,图说英语原创图文与短视频陆续对外开放。每一步前进,都离不开大家的转发与支持,接待大家,一起解锁更多精彩英语学习内容!智学英文:短视频+图说英语习得路径:拼读+跟读+阅读图说单词+图说新观点+七日练音标/拼读/单词/语法仅供免费学习使用,如涉及版权,请联系予以删除。也希望每位同伴尊重每一个作品背后的支付,如果使用,请注明出处!接待列位关注,点赞,转发与评论!谢谢每一次的“赞赏”!始终坚信:好的分享是一种“美”!发现美,创作美,分享美!内容由【智学英文订阅号】收藏与整理,仅用以小我私家学习与分享。